Photovoltaic systems produce direct current (DC) electricity which is different that the Alternating Current (AC) fed from the electricity grid. Therefore, it is essential to use the best DC – AC inverters to maximise the efficiency of the system installed.

KACO’s inverters are globally known as the best inverters for solar systems due to their numerous advantages over other inverters such as:

  • Symmetric three phase feed in – Optimising the yield and  stabilising the grid-connection.
  • Graphic display and USB standard – Showing your system  information at the glance
  • Integrated Data logger and web server standard – Your  information stored and available to monitor wherever you go.
  • Higher flexibility by very wide input voltage range
  • More profit / efficiency (up to 98 %)
  • Highest quality: 7 years Standard warranty; extendable up  to 25 years
  • German engineering know-how developed since 1914