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German firms are considered world leaders when it comes to Solar technology, therefore, and in order to offer our customers with the best state of the art available solutions, Be Solar has chosen to team up with the top German firms in the solar energy field.

Be Solar is one of the very few firms providing total German solutions where all our energy related components from Photovoltaic cells, inverters, and cables, are all made in Germany.

Be Solar is the only firm in the Jordanian market offering Thin-Film technology rather than crystalline technology. Thin-Film modules are proven to be the most suitable solar modules for installations in sun-belt regions, as they have the less loss caused by high temperature in comparison to Crystalline modules which efficiency highly decreases with heat.  Be Solar is the only firm in Jordan that offers Thin-Film Technology solutions.

Our main international partners are Inventux and Avancis Advanced Solar Power as the thin-film photovoltaic modules manufacturers, and KACO New Energy as the inverters suppliers.


Inventux and Avancis Advanced Solar Power are German based companies and two of the world’s leading providers for CIS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenite) thin-film panels. Their “Made in Germany” products have won many awards and have established the firms’ technological leadership in the solar energy field. Both Inventux and Avancis modules have been certified for quality by the renowned TÜV Rhineland.

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Trusted: We build trust through every interaction by honouring our promises Innovative: We provide state of the art solutions tailored to the customers’ needs Efficient: We provide best value for money solutions

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